It’s beautiful
for what it isn’t.



Introducing Beautiful Artesian  Water

Never Compromised

Beautiful Water is 100% pure Artesian water from our own confined aquifer in Dawsonville, Georgia, USA. Unlike so many bottled water brands, Beautiful Water doesn’t require extra purification or added mineral treatments. It’s already naturally pure and naturally alkaline, making it one of the highest quality waters in the world. 

Never Touched by Human Hands

Beautiful Water is carefully sourced and brought to the surface for bottling in its pristine state — untouched by man and free of anything that would undermine its exceptional purity, quality and taste. Taste it and feel the difference. 

If you're interested in what the National Testing Labs thinks about our Beautiful Artesian Water, click on the reports below. (They think it's pretty great  too.) 


Water Quality Reports



Click the above document to see our water quality from National Testing Laboratories, Ltd.